Onsite Repairs

KAE provides onsite,
qualified technicians

When it is essential to have a qualified technician visit you onsite for the repair and maintenance of your machinery’s auto electrical systems and air conditioning you can turn to KAE to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to meet your needs.

With a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and a specialised team of technicians, KAE can offer a fast service and be on the road in next to no time after your inquiry.

Specialising in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning units for heavy earth moving equipment, KAE can carry out all work requirements onsite at very short notice. With KAE ’s unique internal briefing system all necessary equipment, units and parts are included on board the service vehicle. The repairs are then carried out by a specialist technician in order to have your equipment back in operation immediately and limit downtime. If additional parts are required our technicians have the direct support of our parts division who will source and deliver to site what is required to prevent any interruption to the service being carried out.